• Maintenance-free
  • Easy to assemble with connecting tabs and elongated screw holes
  • Tab and No-Tab option in the 1' x 3' and 1' x 4' panels that is great for stairs or finishing the ends of your deck or dock clean
  • UV Resistant
  • Non-slip surface holds true wet or dry
  • Allows 43% of sunlight to pass through uninterrupted to protect your dock against uplift caused by storm surge and strong winds


​​RE Lake Rake is a Heavy Duty extra-large, multipurpose lake weed raker. Perfect for cleaning up your beach, pond and lake shore.

The tines/teeth make it perfect for digging, cutting, and mechanical removal of weeds, algae, muck, and debris. 

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HD Lake Rake is designed to remove:

  • ​Weed roots to prevent re-growth

  • Shorter bottom dwelling weeds and debris

  • Decaying organic matter laying on the bottom​​

  • Lost personal items

ThruFlow panels are durable and maintenance free allowing you to spend more time enjoying your deck or dock, than working on it. Our panels are also safe featuring a heat-resistant, non-slip surface keeping everyone’s feet firmly planted and minds worry free.

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